Saturday, 3 January 2009

End of Christmas...

Daddy is working today so me and the boys are helping Mummy take all the Christmas decorations down, I've tried to keep a few baulbles and a bit of tinsel to one site for me to play with but Mummy found them coz George can't keep his mouth shut!!

My friend Isis had some very bad news today as her boyfriend Sen-Chan passed away so it is a very sad day in the Aby world when we lose one of our own :-(

Will probably write more later ..... TTFN xx

Friday, 2 January 2009

Guess what?....

I have found a floor to ceiling mirror in the bathroom ... I think this will be my new favourite place!!

Mummy and Daddy both went back to work today and we had the run of the place on our own all day ..... the boys slept most of the day .... and I admired myself :-)

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Ok well it's mine and the boy's first full day of being back in Manchester with Mummy and Daddy after they went to Tokyo for Summer. We've been staying with our Grandma in Leeds and although I love my grandma I'm really glad to be back!

Daddy always get's up at 6am to make porridge - and mummy get's up with him so she can feed us and give us all a big cuddle but then they went back to bed till after dinner time - I think they drank a lot of that funny smelling stuff last night and we're sleeping it off!!

I like this new place though, we're up on the 5th floor and can see loads of things out of the windows - George is a little distracted by the passing trains but I got bored of those quite quickly.

We have a lovely new scratching post but Mo seems to have taken ownership of that and he's the boss so I can't argue with that!

Daddy went out to work when they got up but mummy stayed in with us and all 4 of us curled up on the sofa and watched TV: I'm so happy to be home!!